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Mali Poligrodzianie

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Folk Group "Mali Poligrodzianie"

Folk Group "Mali Poligrodzianie" arose from the Folk Dance PUT "Poligrodzianie" in 1985. Has about 50 young dancers aged 6-14 years. Developing sensitivity to art, rising in the spirit of the folk tradition and respect for Polish culture are essential issues for our Team.

During the preparation of the dances and songs most authentic sources, as similar as possible to the "roots" of Polish folklore are used. Bringing out the character, conduct and performance appropriate for the presented region, retaining the typical Instrumental composition. The pretext for the transfer of songs and dances is often a concrete example, as popular in the ‘Żywiec’ region - carol singing.

In addition to the most popular national dances: (cracovienne) Krakowiak, oberek, there are some regional dances as: wielkopolskie, Śląskie, Zywieckie, mazowieckie, łowickie and szczyrzyckie.

Mali Poligrodzianie are successfully involved in many prestigious international festivals. For example in Belgium, Denmark, Canada, Greece, Spain, France, Portugal, South Korea and Italy.